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West Portal Station

April 4, 2012

West Portal Station

A kiss good bye
a blow to the face
a leather jacket
torn strips of lace

Love is an emotion
You choose to live without,
So I stop laying poems on your altar
sick and tired
Of being devout

I pass West Portal Station
on my way to my new life
St. Francis Church slides by,
under a pale blue dawn sky,
will I ever find a true wife?
One that loves me completely,
won’t cut me up and eat me,
Won’t play sick games,
with drugs and knives,
and childhood names

One who will enjoy me,
won’t try to destroy me
One who will believe me,
Love and never leave me

I’ve had enough of this cemetery,
systems attackingĀ 
love with thoughts so scary
I’ve had enough of cold war chess,
for having thoughts
of love,
forced to confess,
So I laugh and sign the paper,
Ride subways to escape her,
dream of two tickets to
writing floating poems about this place

Somehow , Someway, Somewhere-
above a peaceful earth,
sleeping garden of new birth,
Live and laughter filled with mirth-
A kiss above the stars


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